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I am blessed that you are visiting. This site is for you. You have asked for it as an aid to help you remember your relationship with God and his Love for you. I am only the messenger. When you click below, God will give you the message you need to hear most at this time.

You can use these statements as a type of morning prayer or meditation which will help set your intention for the day. You can click to find an answer to something that you have been pondering, maybe why you are here or what your purpose is. Especially helpful is to click when you are going through a difficult day or period in your life, maybe when you feel lonely or have had a bad experience with someone. Seeing what God has to say when you are angry is especially beneficial, although it may be hard for you to hear and you may fight what is told to you. These statements can help the Sun to break through the clouds and the fog, illuminating your understanding and allowing you to see from a totally different perspective.

If you have a particularly difficult time with something and you receive the same statement twice, or you receive one that is similar, it is not because there are only a few statements on the site. There are more than 2600 statements. You may receive the same statement twice, because you have not heard what God is trying to tell you, and He is trying to get your attention.

There is nothing random in the Universe, and this includes these statements. The greater your faith that God is present and working in your life, the more in awe you will be at the relevancy of the answer He has given you. Whether at the time you read it you understand how it applies to you or not, you will be given exactly what you need, when you need it. May your faith and your Love for Him be strengthened as you see how close He is to you and how present He is in your life.

Finally, it is my greatest hope and desire that you live a life filled with joy, knowing God’s Love to the fullest extent. This is not only possible, but this is why you are here, and this is what your heart desires. God bless you.

Larry Doochin