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Lawrence, I love your website. The teachings are powerful and inspiring. I also like the idea of the "randomness" of them, so GOD can choose which message we need to hear. Thank you!

- David O.

Thank you from my core..and yes, I am love and yes, I know love conquers all :) Thanks for always letting me yell at you and for giving me the answers to finally allow me to find peace :) I LOVE YOU!

- Suzanne R..

I have only been in contact with your site for a month or so, but it has helped me immeasurably. I feel I am opening like a lotus and am able to love and bring love to others more than ever. You are a blessing to the world.

- linda V.

I stumbled upon a link to this site and was blown away by the first message I received.  It was so straight-on to the core of my being.  I was expecting something flip, actually.  Totally blew me away.  Just what I needed.  Thank you very much.

- Tami W.

Thank you for creating this website.  The statements are profound and I see I have a lot of internal searching to do to find the healing to remember my Oneness with God.  I thank you for giving me a tool that I asked God for to help me on my journey.  God Bless You & Be Well.

- Karen M.

I am amazed by your Divine Speaks site. Many of the messages hit me. I'm at a crossroads in my life. I want to move forward; but things that happened in my past keep preventing that movement. I will visit your site often. Be Blessed.

- Tanya H.

This page is just awesome. You are right, nothing is by chance. God directed me to the little ad on facebook and I clicked it out of curiosity and wow am I glad I did. I have only looked at 3 statements so far and each has been more powerful than that next. God bless you!

- Karla M.

I've been a Born-again Christian most of my life. I've come to know that Most of what I've been taught is NOT the truth. Truth just is...and there is no arguing with it...I'm so happy now that I've come to know it...really know it!! I aim to be Christ-like in my walk...But I no longer Label myself this or that. GOD resides HERE and NOW in my heart and that's PERFECTION!!! Thank you for your story...for your service

- Linda L.

Very awesome site you have here, very useful, pragmatic to all and urgently needed by everyone. I love that you are obeying Christ and helping others, this is a great way because it is random and therefore more open to be specific to the individual, which is what everyone wants, to be directly spoken to by god himself, when in reality, its all already been said in his word, its just a question of when to apply what. That again comes back to obedience and practicing the disciplines we have been given. How is one to learn what God would have for them, if they arent seeking but simply asking and doing nothing more? I look forward to clicking on the random statement link everyday. I wish that I could even have it as a widget. Thank you! God bless!

- John C.

wow you are definitely a man who loves the lord our God and your obedience to him wow thank you sooooo much for listening to him!! you have no idea(or maybe you do) how much i needed this site!!! wow it summed up a bunch of areas i have been diligently sometimes impatiently waiting for!!!!! thank you dear father!!!!

- Teresa B.

Dearest Lawrence,
Thank you! I was lead to your site today (Thank you angels, God..All) and such divine inspiration I found therein!  I am sharing with everyone..and ordering a copy of your 'I Am' book asap!
Love and blessings,

- Coral S.

Thank you for the messages. I am enjoying them as a starting point to be more conscious during my day.

- Nora C.