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Many people look to enlightenment or to leave the earth and go to Heaven to solve their problems, but this is misplaced thinking. Enlightenment is only a recognition of what you already have and are. Heaven is not some place that is "away" from you --- as Jesus told us, it is within and around us and we can have it Now. People want enlightenment or to go to a "better place" to escape. They don't want to face their problems and life has become overwhelming to them. But you can't wish away your problems, and you can't be "enlightened" or "go to Heaven" without embracing them, which then ironically transforms them. You can't make the recognition of what is already there without embracing ALL, and this includes your "problems." Once you move to a vision of Unity, of non resistance, of accepting ALL, you create an opening so that Truth can flow through you --- this is your Divine nature. Then your problems, what you wanted to escape from, no longer appear in the same light they did before.

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