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God is with you. What does this mean? Each of us has to go past the intellectual understanding of Oneness and Unity with God to an experential one. Experiencing this means that you have no worries, no fear --- your "problems" are viewed in a different light --- and you feel His Presence constantly. This is what is meant when we say we are reborn in Christ/Love/God, not accepting some creed or dogma, not accepting what others say about God. You are holy! Right now, and in each and every moment, for all eternity, you are having but not recognizing, an experience of God awakening in you. Allow this to happen. KNOW this is your Truth. God has your back because He is your back. There is no separation between you and Him. You THINK there is separation, because you believe you see separation of everything, but this is false. Even science has now proven that there is one unified field of energy. You cannot see this in yourself, cannot see that you are an inseparable part of the body of God, because you believe you are sinful. The extent that you believe you are sinful is the extent to which you see yourself as separate from God, the extent to which you see Him as a judgmental and punishing God, etc. Take, live, and BE your inheritance as His child, His Beloved, right here, right now. Any delay only delays your peace and joy.

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